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Who we are

The SoftServe company was able to unite not only professionals in their field, but also those people who share common values and want to change the future for the better. And the main thing is that these people are ready to put their efforts into making this future come true. This is how the team of Ambassadors of the Fund was formed, which are analogous to the supervisory board - they help with the implementation of new ideas, solutions and challenges.


About us

Our charitable foundation is a unique case, because a large IT company does not sponsor someone's idea, but provides a platform for employees where you can create your own charitable projects from scratch, fundraise for them, create teams of volunteers, unite not only colleagues around an important cause, but also friends, acquaintances and all people who also care about the specific end result. Because our Foundation is primarily about values, about people and about the fact that we ourselves are doing good here and now.


our mission

We strive to contribute to the development of the country, the society of active and conscious people who make the future better today, implementing their own creative ideas and initiatives. To create environments, projects and platforms to change this world for the better, and change it already. That is, we create something unique and useful, socially significant for society thanks, first of all, to people, company employees and external volunteers, involving their talents, creativity, intelligence and a heart open to helping others.

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Armed Forced

Armed Forced Armed Forced

One of the key directions of our fund's work is implementing projects aimed at changes in the medical system and providing medical institutions with equipment for quality medical services. Our goal is to support state medical institutions for their effective functioning and timely and high-quality assistance. Currently, the key goal is the support of medicine during the war because it guarantees our victory and supports the life and health of Ukrainians. We cooperate with 200+ medical units and institutions.