Donation Terms

Updated: November 17, 2023

I. Preliminary provisions

These terms (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) specify the conditions for making donations for the statutory activities of the Fundacja Open Eyes Poland (hereinafter referred to as the Fundacja), based in Wrocław, pl. Solny, No. 15, code 50-062, KRS: 0000970349, REGON: 521979800, NIP: 8971905736, by the persons using the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Website).

Any adult natural person, legal person or organizational unit can make a donation. These people will be hereinafter referred to as Benefactors.

The Benefactor declares and confirms that they have read the Terms and accept their provisions. These Terms enter into force upon publication on the Website and may be amended by the Fundacja at any time by posting appropriate information on the Website.

II. Goals and areas of statutory activity

The Fundacja conducts charitable activities in accordance with the objectives set out in its Statute, the main of which are: charitable activities in the field of health care; charitable activities in the field of education; assistance to victims of armed conflicts, wars, disasters and natural disasters at home and abroad; providing social assistance, including assistance to families and persons in difficult life situations and equalisation of opportunities for these families and persons; environmental protection and animal protection. The Fundacja undertakes to use the donation for its statutory purposes and for administrative expenses. The Benefactor can receive information on current charitable projects on the Fundacja's Website in order to determine the purpose of the donation. The Benefactor can make a donation for a specific purpose or charity campaign indicated on the Website, and the Fundacja undertakes to use the donation for the purposes specified by the Benefactor. If the donation received by the Fundacja cannot be used for this purpose (due to collecting a sufficient sum of donation for this purpose or if the charity campaign is closed, etc.), the Benefactor consents to the Fundacja using the donation for other statutory purposes of the Fundacja.

III. Conditions for making donations

The Benefactor can make a donation by clicking "Donate" at The donation is made via the payment form linking to the payment operator's page. After clicking the link, the Benefactor should follow the instructions on the payment operator's page. Donations to the Fundacja are made via the payment operator - Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. All additional information can be found on the website: On the Website you can make a one-time donation or make recurring donations for a specific amount (Subscription). In order to activate the Subscription, please select the option of recurring payments in the form available at By deciding to subscribe, the Benefactor agrees to the payment operator regularly debiting from the Benefactor’s payment card the amount of money corresponding to the amount of the declared donation. The Benefactor can unsubscribe by: a) clicking “Cancel subscription” button in the email confirming your subscription; b) clicking “Cancel subscription” button on the Website, filling out the mailbox to which the subscription was issued and confirming cancellation of the subscription in the email received. The Benefactor can make a donation to Fundacja by:

  • transferring funds using the forms and means of payment available on the Website;
  • transfer of funds to the Fundacja's current account via banking institutions.

The Benefactor independently determines the amount of the donation.

IV. Rights and obligations of the Fundacja

The Fundacja has the right:

  • to receive charitable donations and use it to for purposes specified in its Statute;
  • to change purposes of donation use, within the statutory activities of the Fundacja;
  • to use a part of the funds received to finance administrative expenses of the Fundacja.

The Fundacja is obliged:

  • to use donations in accordance with Polish legislation and within its statutory activities;
  • at the request of the Benefactor, to provide information on the use of the donation.

V. Rights and obligations of the Benefactor

The Benefactor has the right:

  • to ask for information about the use of the donation.

The Benefactor is obliged:

  • to make donations in accordance with these Terms and Polish legislation.

VI. Benefactors' personal data

When making a donation, the Benefactor may provide (optionally) following personal data: name and surname, e-mail address. Also, if the donation is made by transferring funds to the current account of the Fundacja, bank details of the Benefactor will be provided to the Fundacja. In case the Benefactor provides to the Fundacja aforementioned personal data, the consent to its processing shall be deemed to have been given by the Benefactor. The Fundacja undertakes not to disclose the Benefactor's personal data to third parties without the Benefactor's permission, except in cases where such disclosure is required by state authorities or is otherwise required in accordance with the Polish legislation. Also, on the Website the Privacy Policy is published, which applies to all visitors of the Website, including those who make the donations.

VII. Final Provisions

Each Benefactor has the right to make a request or file a complaint in matters related to making donations. The requests should be submitted electronically to the Fundacja's e-mail address provided in the "Contacts" section. The Fundacja will respond to such requests within 30 days of its receipt. The Fundacja informs that requests and complaints regarding services provided electronically by third parties, access to which is related to the use of the Website by the Benefactors, including those provided by the payment operator, are considered by these third parties on the terms and in the manner specified in their policies. The relations of the Parties that are not regulated in these Terms are regulated by applicable Polish legislation.